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Jornal do Agrupamento de Escolas Dr Flávio Gonçalv

Por Dulce Marques (Professora), em 2018/03/01116 leram | 0 comentários | 35 gostam
Mass Media are really great because they can entertain, educate and inform us.
I think that one of the most important is Radio. Even though it doesn´t have image, only audio, it has several advantages like: you can do other things while you listen to it. You can cook, study, drive…
Sometimes bad weather can interfere with broadcasting but you can always listen to it online.
I listen to the radio every day. In the morning, when I´m going to school, in the afternoon, when I´m having a shower or when I´m doing my homework. I love listening to the most popular songs.
Honestly, I don´t know how to live without radio.

Maria Jorge 8ºG


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