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Jornal do Agrupamento de Escolas Dr Flávio Gonçalv

Por Paula Costa (Professora), em 2018/01/23302 leram | 0 comentários | 111 gostam
He is very tall and he has got brown hair and eyes and he likes playing football.
He is very hard-working, friendly, generous and everything that a true friend can be.
When we started the school, he wasn`t a good student but now, with a lot of work, he is an excellent student, an example for the rest of the class. However, he is usually anxious about everything.
I think I`m lucky to have my true friend because it is hard to find a real friend that is always ready to share, that gives us some advice, believes us and is there every time we need.
I hope you liked the description of my friend. Tell me now: Who is your true friend?

Rodrigo, nº 20 – 8º E


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